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Cupcake pops!!!

Look what I made today!!!

This is from the amazing bakerella website, http://www.bakerella.com, this girl has serious talent! I gave it a go and they turned out pretty good, 4 hours of long hard work, but well worth it for the smile on the beans face!! I copied and pasted the how to for you that I borrowed from the site, give it a try, its fun and they are sooo adorable!

1 13X9 baked cake (from a box cake mix or from scratch … any flavor)
1 can cream cheese frosting (or about 2 cups equivalent from scratch)
1 flower shaped cookie cutter (1.25″ wide X .75″ tall)
1 package chocolate bark
1 package pink candy melts or white chocolate bark
bowls for dipping
wax paper
aluminum foil
lollipop sticks
sprinkles, m&ms or something similar for top of cupcake
small plastic treat bags and ribbon to package the Cupcake Pops
candy cups and truffle boxes to individually package the Cupcake Bites
styrofoam block

  1. Bake a cake from a mix or from scratch and cool completely. 

  2. Crumble cake into a fine consistency into a large bowl.TIP: If the texture is too coarse, you can run it through a food processor.
  3. Add can of cream cheese frosting or homemade frosting and blend together using the back of a large spoon. Blend thoroughly.
  4. Roll mixture into 1.25″ – 1.5″ size balls and lay on wax paper covered cookie sheet. You may want to periodically rinse and dry your hands off in between.
  5. Cover with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator for several hours.TIP: You can speed this up by placing in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  6. Remove. Begin to shape into cupcakes using a small flower-shaped cookie cutter. (see below) Take the chilled ball and roll it into more of an oval and then slide into cookie cutter. Push it into cutter until about half fills the cutter and the rest sticks out of the top in the shape of a mound. Then push the shaped cupcake carefully out of the cookie cutter from the bottom. Set right side up on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Continue with remaining balls.

  7. Once shaped, cover and return to freezer. (5-10 minutes)TIP: You can leave them covered in the refrigerator overnight if you want to do the dipping on the following day.
  8. While cupcake shapes are chilling, begin to heat up your chocolate bark.
  9. Brown chocolate bark for the bottoms. Pink or white chocolate for the tops.
  10. Follow the instructions on the package for melting. Most recommend heating for 30 second intervals at a time and stirring in between. You can also do the double boiler method.
  11. When you are ready to dip, remove from freezer and set up another wax paper covered cookie sheet.
  12. Take the cupcake shaped mixture and dip bottoms into the melted chocolate – just to the point where the mounded shape starts. Remove from chocolate, turn upside down and wiggle so that the excess starts to slide down slightly. Then lay on the wax paper upside down. If you want them to be lollipops, then go ahead and insert the lollipop sticks while the chocolate is still wet. Continue with rest of the cupcakes. You can also leave some without the sticks. They’re just as cute as Cupcake Bites.TIP: Dip end of your lollipop stick in the melted chocolate before inserting into chocolate bottoms. Not sure if this helps a lot, but it couldn’t hurt.

    DON’T – get water in the chocolate. Make sure your hands are completely dry. Water will cause the chocolate to separate and mess up all your hard work.

  13. Dry completely. (15-20 minutes)
  14. Once dry, dip the tops of the cupcakes in the pink or white chocolate. You may need to move it around a little to cover all the exposed areas.

    TIP: Let the pink chocolate sit for a few minutes after heating to thicken. This will help it from dripping down the sides of the cupcake.

  15. Remove from the pink/white chocolate and turn right side up. You may need to hold and rotate it if there is any excess so that it doesn’t drip down too far.TIP: You can use a toothpick to help cover any areas the melted chocolate didn’t cover.
  16. For the Cupcake Bites – just turn right side up and rest on the wax paper. Then go ahead and put a m&m on the top and add sprinkles while wet.
  17. For the lollipops, Continue holding and place an m&m on the top and add sprinkles. Let them dry in a styrofoam block that you have already poked holes into.
  18. When completely dry, cover the lollipops with small plastic treat bags and tie with a ribbon.
  19. For the Cupcake Bites, place in a candy cup and package in small candy truffle boxes to present individually.

last sun

evenwicht -balance, originally uploaded by look to see.

check out this brillant shot that I found on flickr, its absolutley amazing!! Had to share!!

More from the garden!!

Thought I would share a few images from out little garden!! Everything is coming up as nice as they can, in the room that we have! Enjoying the first lettuce of the season with dinner tonight!!

Feeling Blue

Sooke 2, originally uploaded by goat_girl_photos.

Its been a long week, spent the past few days editing, uploading and updated my very neglected Flickr account. There are a lot of old gems, some that I almost forgot about. There are also a few embarrassing ones that maybe its time to get rid of, but at the same it would almost be like erasing history!
This photo is special to me, it was taken at my aunt and uncles in Sooke, on a very special weekend. I love this photo so much it is framed on hanging on one of my best friends wall. I have a great respect for the arbutus tree, the tenacity of the tree, and its ability to cling on and grow soaring above rocky cliffs.

The Kittens!

This gave me a giggle, I found this at http://deesinbox.com

So there I was . .. . just relaxing in front of the T.V.

When the kids yelled, “Hey Mom! Come see the kittens.”



The garden is buzzing with activity!!


My favorite time of year, when the garden awakes from its slumber and comes alive! All the bees and butterflies are busy at work, the sweet smell of soil in the air. From now untill the end of september my hands are usually stained from the earth, my knees always grassy, and my hair is rarely with out a twig or two. From the dewy morning till the quite dusk, if I am not in the yard I am daydreaming about being there.

A few of my favorite photos

As part of my new career change in life, I have decided to take a 9 month-long photography course, just mostly as a refresher. The course also goes into Photoshop, which I struggle with, I prefer to just get a good shot and not have to edit, but the future in photography calls for digital editing.

 Here are a few of the photos I submitted in order to get into the program….enjoy!!