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4 months already

My where has the time gone, seems like only yesterday I was sitting with you, watching you sleep and holding your hand. When I close my eyes I can still smell the hyacinths in the room, your soft hands, worn with age, telling a story. I find myself wanting to call you, when I am stumped in the kitchen or with the garden, but sadly I can not. I can’t bring myself to make roast beef, for the smell of a roast beef cooking makes me cry. A few weeks ago I thought I saw you, as impossible as that is, even if you were still here with us, why would you be in the Safeway?!

Tomorrow marks the day you left, and in honor of you I will spend the day in the garden, pulling weeds and grass out of the lumps mouth, more than out of the veggie patch. Life seems empty with you gone, you touched many in your time.

In a way I know you are watching over us, when I catch a whiff of your perfume, or a butterfly floats past, and with every hummingbird that visits.  I am thankful for that, and the time we did have xxoo


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