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Canadian Spud Farm Opens Potato Waste-to-Biogas Plant


I love this idea!

Cavendish Farms, a Canadian potato product producer has finished construction of its anaerobic digestion facility in Prince Edward Island that will generate biogas from potato waste. The ‘potato-gas’ project is believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

Cavendish has used anaerobic sludge from the treatment of its wastewater as a soil conditioner for more than ten years, but in 2004 began evaluating the possibility of using converted biogas from the anaerobic digester to power the boilers for two on-site processing plants. Two years later, construction began on the addition.

The company expects the biogas generated from 360 tons of feedstock per day from potato plant residues, starch, frying oil and aerobic sludge from the wastewater treatment process to reduce its fossil fuel needs by 2.6 million gallons per year and eliminate the need for trucking the potato waste from the processing plant, cutting the need for 900 miles of trucking per day.

Source: Biomass Magazine



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