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The best Homous out there~~

“Made fresh daily since 1994”

Holy Homous originally began in Victoria, BC as an appetizer for a dinner party, where it was discovered by a Thrifty Foods deli manager. He loved the recipe and encouraged its development as a brand name. In 1994, Holy Homous evolved into a small business and began supplying various Thrifty Foods locations around the city. As consumer popularity grew, so did production demands – today Holy Homous can be found in numerous grocery stores, health food retailers, and fine deli’s throughout Vancouver Island and the mainland.

Today, Holy Homous is still dedicated to the same consistence and quality, using only 100% fresh and natural ingredients. All of our homous is home made, and contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We hope you enjoy it!  www.holyhomous.com

holy homous

Any day of the week if you open my fridge you will find a container of this stuff, I am not kidding when I say its the best hummus I have ever had in my life! Its easy to make, but I can never get it exactly like this one, can’t figure out the secret. Its made local, its sold local, and the owner is local, nothing better than that.  This Hmmous gets a 5 star rating!!!!!


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