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Today I was searching for a peanut butter cookie recipe and came across this wonderful recipe from the website www.Ilovepeanutbutter.com, my daughter loves the idea of sushi, but can’t get past the raw fish and seaweed. What a surprise she has in store for her when she opens her lunch box tomorrow!!


pb&j sushi

Photographs: Peanut Butter & Co]

You Will Need
  • Your favourite bread
  • Peanut butter
  • Sliced fruits and veggies
  • Jam (optional)
  • Mini marshmallows and crispy rice (also optional)
  • Honey (again, optional)

Peanut butter and raw fish—two things that sound like they should never go together. Maybe I’ll challenge that notion someday, but for now, here are some fun ways to eat peanut butter inspired by the Japanese art of maki rolls, minus the actual fish.

Our sprightly intern at Peanut Butter and Co. Stephanie made these as a snack the other day. Inspired by the hundreds of different maki rolls sold at Japanese restaurants near our office, as well as our ten different varieties of peanut butter, she enjoyed deconstructing some of the flavours and textures.

Peanut butter maki rolls are really nothing new—people have been doing this with peanut butter and jelly for years, calling them "pinwheel" sandwiches, which refers to the swirl of peanut butter and jelly created when you roll up the sandwiches.

I love the idea of introducing kids and the otherwise sushi-averse to this fun food shape. Who knows, maybe someday someone will even figure out a way to combine fish and peanut butter in a maki roll in a delicious way—as soon as that happens I’ll be first in line!



1. Trim the crust off your favourite bread and gently use a rolling pin to flatten it

2. Spread peanut butter over one side of the bread

3. Add sliced fruit and veggies. Long this slices laid down horizontally create the best-looking maki as they show up nicely when the rolls are cut.

4. Pipe an additional soft spread (like jam) over the fruit and veggies. (Optional)

5. Add any additional yummy elements, like mini marshmallows or crispy rice. (Also optional)

6. Gently roll the bread forward, making a large cigar-like tube.


7. Use a chef’s knife to cut into slices and arrange on a plate.

8. Drizzle honey or flavoured syrup on top of maki rolls. (Again, optional)

Bread Tip

You’ll notice in the photos that Stephanie is making the maki rolls with bread that looks very long. If you buy your bread fresh at a bakery (or any place where they slice it to order) you may be able to get them to slice the bread HORIZONTALLY instead of vertically. This creates longer slices that are perfect for lots of things (think gigantic, Dagwood-like sandwiches) but especially for creating these peanut butter maki rolls. At the Peanut Butter and Co. sandwich shop, all of our bread comes from Orwasher’s Bakery on the Upper East Side—we highly recommend it to anyone in New York City.

Sushi Combo Ideas

Stephanie prepared four different maki rolls using Peanut Butter and Co. peanut butter: Dark Chocolate Dreams with Whipped Cream Cheese and Crispy Rice, Smooth Operator with Banana and Honey, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl with Celery, and Crunch Time with Apples and Seriously Strawberry jam.

Read more: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/05/peanut-butter-jelly-sushi-fun-kids-sandwich-pinwheels-recipe.html#ixzz0nrtsCzVZ









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