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Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!!!

It’s a bittersweet mothers day this year for my family; first one with out my grandmother. At the same time I am over joyed with the fact that I have two beautiful children to spend mine with! Although by the sounds of the groans coming from the eldest bedroom, she is waking up grouchy today!

Today is going to be spent in the garden, have to put some soil in it today, our current soil is mostly clay, and I think we will have a better veggie crop if we boost it a tad. Perfect timing to, because my lovely handy man has just finished repairing the kids wagon. We have a garden works around the corner from our  place that we can pull the wagon to, convient but dangerous for me, as I spend too much money on plants all the time.

The garden this year will consist of, tomatoes (3 varieties), red peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, green beans, sugar snap peas, zucchini, and herbs!!!! We rent our place and were only allowed to put in a narrow garden bed; but anything homegrown is better than nothing!!! Thursday I was wrist deep in dirt, when my neighbour popped his head through the hole in the fence and gave me two beautiful zucchini plants; just when I had begun to think that neighbours didn’t exist anymore.

Well off to it, have to pick up my weekend daughter, so her mom can go to work; and then get breakfast on the table! All you moms out there, enjoy your day, hope its a sunny as it is here 🙂


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