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Clayworks Cafe

Worth checking out!!!!
Neil and Anita are a husband and wife team located in beautiful  Gold River, B.C. which is situated in a scenic valley between the Gold and Heber River. In August of 2003, they started North Island Clayworks which operated its studio and gallery in the village plaza where they produced functional and decorative pottery. Their ceramic art is often collaboration, utilizing the combination of Anita’s many years of wheel thrown experience and Neil’s design skills. In November of 2007 they relocated to their present location next to the Gold River in a newly renovated West Coast style building. It is not only home to their North Island Clayworks studio, but also Clayworks Cafe & Gallery which offers great breakfast, lunch, organic fair trade coffee, espresso, smoothies and baked goods. The cafe is also home to their new gallery which displays their pottery work as well as other local artists. Although they still produce their functional line of pottery, a majority of their work now is unique signature pieces which involve many hours of hand painting and carving designs which reflect the coast of Vancouver Island.

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