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Adventures in composting

It’s the simple things in life that get me really excited, things like our brand new composter!!!!! For the past year we had been living in a suite above a store, with no yard or balcony to host a compost; and with children we didn’t want to have a kitchen composter for them to get into. So here we are in the new house and one of the first things we bought, after a bbq of course, was a composter. Jay had it built in no time, that’s why he handles that sort of stuff, what takes him 15 minutes takes me 2 hours, the neurotic side of me has to read the instructions every time before I begin. We made sure we broke up the earth before we placed it, and as a bonus, the soil had a lot of earth worms in it already!! I love earth worms, they are magnificent little eating machines, natural composters.

   We eat a ton of fruits and veggies, so our garbage going out, between composting and recyling is going to be cut down to just maybe one can a week.  Not to bad for a family of 4, especially since that includes diapers. We tried the cloth diapers, but our son is enourmous, and we couldn’t keep up with the cost of buying new cloth diapers every time he grew out of them, a month of two later. We are planning on switching him back to the cloth ones, in june, to prepare for potty training.


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