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There is a constant sorrow that resides deep inside most people; that sometimes you can feel. So strong that it passes through them into you, almost like a wave. Other times it is something you can only see in their eyes. All these two sought was refuge, you could see the despair deep in there eyes. It was almost as if their souls were pouring out. Their pain was seeping out and consuming them, reaching out to me. It had become an entity of its out, feeding on humanity, and dependant on emotion to ensure its survival. We barely had enough to get by, but how could I turn them away, not in times like these. Opening the door I knew full well I was risking everything, and most importantly the safety of my family.

The fire was raging and welcoming, the warmth hugged everyone in the room, provided a much needed sense of comfort. So many stories have been told by this hearth, some bringing hope and others just bringing us together. Our stories were all we really had and they could not take that away from us. My mother waved our new guests inside and offered them a spot in front of the hearth. I poured them each a bowl of broth hoping to warm their blue little lips, the poor things must have been frozen solid. I had no idea of how far they had travelled and how they had gotten to where they are now. What had happened to their families, I shuddered to think of what they had been through.


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