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Recently I was going through my old journals and I found a list of my 30 things to do before 30…well this year I am going to be 30, and although the list was written at a tender age of 19, I can’t help but feel like I haven’t been living my life. Not saying I don’t live a busy full life, I just live the life of a busy stay at home mom; the rewards are a lot deeper and not always so flashy.

Heres the list

1. Go skydiving……… haven’t done it, but still would in a heartbeat

2. Hike the Inca trail….. haven’t done it, another thing I would jump at the chance to do

3. Backpack across canada….never did it, and with 2 kids, not possible if I want to be sane upon arrival…I would however drive across with them both!

4. Get a PHD in anthropology….nope…instead I have a beautiful red head with the most adorable freckles

5. Learn to speak Italian…..there is still time…at least I learned to cook Italian!!

6. Get married…been there..done that…not sure If I would get married again…not sure if jay would ever even ask…I don’t know, I am happy with my life the way it is right now.

7. Have a kid…yup worded just like that…hee hee, I loved kids back then, but wanted to live in the jungle studying ancient ruins, kids just didn’t seem like they went with what I wanted.

8. Learn to play guitar…I try…but I am not good at it, and get discoraged easy and put the guitar down…must get over that.

9.Bake a wedding cake….haven’t yet…anyone want to let me bake thier wedding cake?

10. get a whole back piece tattoo….hmmmm 1500 or more on a tattoo doesn’t seem in the cards when i have 2 tuitions to pay in the future

11.Publish a short story….well I am close, I have a bunch written and will eventually send them out to various publishers

12.Sell a painting…..this I have done!!!

13. Get a colum in a newspaper…..I forgot that I wanted to do this, maybe if I had more time I would pursue it

14. Go to Scotland…..nope, and its still a dream

15. Go to Ireland….same as above

16.Get some professional photos taken….never done this, other than wedding photos, which who wants to look at those LOL

17. Go to Japan for the cherry blossom festival…nope, and since this was written my allergies would not allow it

18. Hike the west coast trail…..I came close to doing this twice, but have yet to follow through, in the next 2 years I will get it crossed off

19. Go to mexico…done…but I want a redo, I went on my honeymoon, and it was a horrible trip, I spent most of it in the hotel room not feeling well and he spent most of it at the bar

20. Write a book about ghost stories…..I have a half written book, and a ton of notes

21. Own a house….done…but can I add that one to my new list

22. Grow most of my own food…..On and off I have managed to grow some, but not most, when I get #21 crossed off then I can work on this one with more success.

23. Get a dog…this is one that also needs #21

24. Buy a VW bus…teee heee, I wanted an orange one soooooo bad….part of me still does

25. Get my drivers license….yes…i must do that

26. Read  5 books a month….I am lucky right now to read a book every 3 months, but for a few years I managed to read quite successfully

27. Learn to fly….if i had the money, this would be a priority, but lessons alone…nope never going to happen

28.Buy a coffee shop….mmmm coffee….there are too many coffee shops out there

29. Go to spain…..in 18 months i shall be walking across it 🙂

30. Never sell out…..not sure what that was about, but I don’t think I have, I am still a small town girl at heart, I love my family, and i don’t think I have really became a person that my old self would not be ok with!

 Well I didn’t cross much off, but I do have a lot in my life to be proud of, and things that I never wanted then but am so glad to have found!


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